Would you like to operate at peak performance on a daily basis?  I believe that many of the services I have to offer will assist you in doing that.

The services that I am able to offer are indicative of the quality and caliber of my entire professional career—to identify and capture opportunities and outperform competition.  I have completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a Master’s Degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Human Resource Development.  My strengths lie in my problem solving skills, my communications skills—both verbal and written, my understanding of people and what motivates them as well as my understanding of the bottom line.

I have served as a human resource generalist in a managerial and director capacity for four different operations.  During that period of time I also worked as a human resource consultant.  In addition, I have instructed at both high school and college level in business management.  My management style is direct and decisive, yet I am flexible in responding to a constantly changing market, customer, financial and organizational demands.

Further, my commitment to team building and team leadership has been a catalyst to tremendous growth and success through my career.  Characterized by others as a high-energy business leader with creative judgment and innate talents, I have delivered results in challenging situations.

I would welcome the opportunity to schedule a meeting with you, to discuss how my capabilities may be utilized in your particular operation or on an individual basis.  You may contact me via email on the Contact Leona page or by telephone at (734) 904-4612.  I look forward to meeting and working with you.